Facts about NESA, The National Estate Sales Association


What is NESA?

  • NESA is a member founded trade association.
  • NESA’s mission is to raise and maintain professional industry wide standards.
  • NESA’s application for 501c(6) non profit status was granted November 2015.
  • NESA is an association, not a commercial enterprise.
  • NESA is not a pay for play platform.

About The NESA Board of Directors

  • NESA board members are active estate sales professionals.
  • NESA board members have each contributed to our founding seed funding.
  • NESA board members are not paid to serve, and never will be.
  • NESA board members are volunteers.
  • NESA board members each pay yearly membership dues.
  • NESA has no “Boss” we are a member directed trade association.
  • NESA’s board has devoted many 100’s of hours of their personal time to form NESA.
  • NESA’s board arrives at decisions by board vote using Roberts Rules of Order.
  • NESA’s board is committed to the development of additional member resources.
  • NESA’s web content was written by multiple board members.

Estate Sales Ethics and Best Practices

  • NESA members must prove business conduct as well as experience.
  • NESA has a unifying Code of Ethics.
  • NESA’s Code of Ethics details both lawful and practical behaviors.
  • NESA’s Code of Ethics was written by experienced estate sales professionals.
  • NESA’s Code of Ethics protects estate sales companies, clients and shoppers.
  • NESA has codified best practices so that consumers may better understand them.

How do we spend NESA Membership Dues?

  • Membership dues fund the creation of educational modules and video summits.
  • Membership dues fund web development, hosting and site maintenance.
  • Membership dues fund and sustain normal association growth and development.

What do Members Receive?

  • Membership allows members to vote on NESA direction.
  • Membership grants members the right to use the NESA logo for marketing.
  • Membership gives members a NESA profile page with links back to member sites.
  • Membership places your company’s name on our NESA map, and listing pages.
  • Membership allows you to serve on various NESA boards or committees.
  • The NESA website features a forum section to facilitate member-to-member learning.
  • Membership permits members full access and member participation within all forums.
  • Membership ensures member access to all of our educational videos.
  • Membership gives members access to all other educational content.
  • Membership grants members access to our attorney written contracts.
  • Membership allows member access to other helpful business forms.
  • Membership ensures that members have access to vendor discounts.

A few facts about Member and Consumer Education

  • NESA presented the first ever Estate Sale virtual summit in September of 2016 with a second in May 2018.
  • NESA’s virtual summit presented topics from 22 experts related to our industry
  • More than 500 individuals and companies signed up for the conference and videos.
  • All 22 Videos from our 2016 as well as the 2018 Summit can be accessed and viewed in our member area.
  • NESA is dedicated to member, client and shopper education.
  • NESA has written a core group of educational articles for consumers.
  • NESA has a blog with articles to benefit estate sales shoppers and consumers.
  • NESA has a members only area with business articles written on behalf of them.
  • NESA is an educational bridge builder between fiduciaries and members.
  • NESA educates Realtors, Attorneys, and Bankers leading to member sales.

Where does the money come from?

  • NESA funds its present activities through membership dues.
  • NESA has neither asked for nor received compensation from vendors.
  • NESA has neither asked for nor received compensation from summit presenters.
  • NESA has neither asked for nor received compensation from any 3rd party.

NESA Membership Helps you Build Your Business

  • Membership in NESA managed wisely helps members to grow their businesses.
  • Membership in NESA gives members tools to increase their competitive edge.
  • Membership in NESA will assist in the better creation of a members marketing.
  • Membership in NESA increases the profile and influences of its members.

NESA Member Outreach

  • NESA believes its members have expertise and unique knowledge.
  • Have a specialty? Want a spotlight on your expertise? Contact us with your ideas.
  • NESA board members can be directly contacted via our “Contact” page.
  • NESA believes you can be an estate sales professional, and choose to not join.