Member Application Disclaimer

Every member who applies or renews their membership through NESA agrees to comply with the Policies and Procedures, Bylaws, Code of Ethics, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of NESA. For current NESA members, in order for your renewal to take effect, you must complete the online renewal form acknowledging that you have reviewed all of the organization’s Policies and Procedures, Bylaws and Code of Ethics. For new NESA members, in order for your membership to become effective you must complete the same acknowledgement form.

Membership fees are nonrefundable. Further, NESA reserves the exclusive right to cancel any membership and refund unearned membership dues (at its sole discretion) if it has reason to believe that an applicant or member provided false information in any portion of the Application for Membership or to any person connected to NESA. Also, if NESA believes that an individual is failing to adhere to and comply with NESA rules and procedures then NESA has the exclusive right to cancel a membership at any time and refund membership dues (at its sole discretion). If NESA does cancel a membership, it shall be relieved of any and all obligations to provide membership services to said member. NESA reserves the right to deny an individual membership if it believes that the applicant would threaten the integrity of NESA, if the individual was a former member who failed to remit its membership fees or for any reason that NESA deems would be incongruent with the association’s best interest (including but not limited to copyright infringement or any other intellectual property right or violation of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy). NESA is not required to provide the individual applicant or member with its justification for denying or canceling a membership.

NESA shall take commercially reasonable efforts to provide membership services described on this website to said member. However, NESA, its employees, and or agents make no warrant, representation, or guarantee that services provided by NESA are guaranteed or shall produce the desired results. NESA is only liable to its members for the membership services described on this website.

Membership benefits shall become effective 14 days after NESA accepts a member’s application. Any benefits provided before that time shall be at the sole discretion of NESA.