The NESA Standard

Hiring the right estate sale company is an important decision. The need for consumers to connect with trustworthy companies is one of the driving forces behind the National Estate Sales Association. The NESA Standard outlines the playbook our members use and can be best viewed through our 30 point code of ethics. 



When you engage the services of an estate sales company, you are entering into a partnership. Choosing the right company for you is of vital importance. You want the outcome of your choices to financially benefit your family, relieve you of the burden of doing your own sale, and gain the time necessary to devote to your other responsibilities.

Presently there is a statistical jump in the number of families retiring, relocating or downsizing…largely driven by an aging population. Many are looking for companies or individuals to help them sell their personal property. The increasing needs of consumers has emboldened many individuals to start their own estate sales companies. This means that criteria and standards for how to choose a company with ethics and best business practices has become more important than ever.

NESA Members set their businesses apart from other companies because each of them has agreed to abide by a 30 Point Code of Ethics. Our code of ethics is the industry benchmark for how companies should run their businesses and care for clients. Each member is required, at minimum, to provide a written contract, have insurance, treat workers as employees, and pay their clients in a timely fashion.

Trust is key in the estate sale industry. Providing consumers with a way to connect with trustworthy companies is central to the mission of the National Estate Sales Association. NESA members go above and beyond to assist their clients, operate in their best financial interest, and provide the highest quality service.

To review in detail how a NESA member stays in compliance, and conducts their business, please read the full text of our Code of Ethics.

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Code of Ethics

A strong Code of Ethics protects both consumers and estate sale companies. It leads to transparent business practices and robust standards of verifiable excellence.

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