NESA is built on a sturdy foundation and is a force for positive change. Join us.



About NESA

Every industry needs standards of excellence. These standards are best when they come from within and are self-generated. The estate sales industry is no different. Great businesses follow rules and practice transparent standards of behavior. The need for a national estate sales trade association has been evident for some time; now that time has arrived.

The estate sale industry has seen an incredible amount of change in the last ten years. All of us have witnessed this; the number of companies hosting sales has doubled, then doubled again. Large internet companies encroach on our businesses from multiple angles. Governments may soon wish to regulate us, and add to this list the number of companies who have no idea how to run their companies using accepted foundational business practices.

The journey to create the National Estate Sale Association has been a slow, concise, and exploratory one. After all, one person’s vision does not an association make. To create one, it takes the consensus of many experienced estate sales veterans to properly address its needs.

It is a fair question to ask at this point, by what authority can anyone establish credible guidelines for a diverse group of companies conducting business all around the country? A few years ago, a group of estate sales company owners met and decided to try and answer that question. Our motto which came out of that meeting defines our intentions succinctly: By The Industry / For The Industry.

It should be noted that these estate sales companies who worked to build the foundations of NESA, represent the many diverse ways of staging an estate sale which are practiced in every part of the country. Collectively, they have built the framework for NESA piece by piece.

Since our initial meeting we have met person-to-person, across the table many times, and have had a series of teleconference calls. All of our discussions and subsequent actions have had as their focus, what is best for consumers and companies alike. We have established common ground and accord. Together we drew a line between common business practices and those which evidence high ethical standards. Our choice is to have a high moral regard for our clients, and to establish a path for companies to learn how to serve those clients with dignity and honor.

The effort it has taken to bring NESA to this point has been willingly donated by its founding members. Each of them has given time, financial resources, and industry experience to build this association. What they have given, was freely given; each has paid their own hotel and travel expenses; each has also contributed to our seed funding. None of them will be paid back. Their positions on our board are as unpaid volunteers.

501c(6) non-profit status was granted to the organization in November 2015. We serve NESA because our industry and the clients it serves are important to us.

The National Estate Sales Association is being built to have sturdy foundations; it is a force for positive change. Join us, and you too will positively impact the future of our industry.

The mission of the National Estate Sales Association is to raise and maintain the professional standards of the estate sales industry while educating the public to make informed decisions when in need of estate sale services.