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Becoming a member of NESA is a demonstration of your commitment to the industry’s highest standards. Together we will effect the future direction of an industry which has given us so much, and has made the life transitions for tens of thousands of families much easier. Join The National Estate Sales Association.

Benefits of Becoming a Member

Access to Research Guides:

We have compiled a list of online pricing and research websites that are helpful to estate sale professionals. They include specialized sites on everything from textiles to Tiffany, and collectible cameras to coins. The resources have been categorized, making them easy to search through for both buyers and sellers.


Contracts & Forms:

NESA Members are able to log in to the member area of this site and download estate sale forms and contracts that have been reviewed by our attorney and field tested by our board.

Group Purchasing Power:

Estate sales companies collectively spend millions of dollars every year for supplies, advertising, and vendor services. Member benefits save you money and help you to be ever more effective.

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Join The National Estate Sales Association

By becoming a member you gain access to our group purchasing power. On our members behalf we negotiated with various vendors for discounts and price breaks on products and services used by companies across the industry. A membership in NESA saves you money, increases your purchasing power and makes your overall service better.

Collective Knowledge:

NESA Membership is community membership! By becoming a member, you are joining a community of some of the finest and trustworthy estate sales companies across the nation. Members benefit from the support and the exchange of information among its members through a members-only forum.

Be a Company of Choice:

With the rapid increase of new companies coming into the marketplace and the pressures of competition, it has become increasingly important for established estate sales companies to clearly differentiate their company’s qualities, dignified approach and ethical standards. NESA, helps you flourish!

Get the Competitive Edge

When you Join the National Estate Sales Association you signal your company’s commitment to the highest ethical standards and best business practices in the estate sale industry.


Voice of the Industry:

As our industry grows it will likely find itself under the greater scrutiny of various government entities, whether on the local, state, or national level. Legislation regarding signage, taxation, or licensing could occur at any time. Join with us, take this opportunity to create an effective and well regarded trade association for our industry. 

Get a Voice and a Vote.

Gain the opportunity to positively influence trends within the industry. We are a member-led association. Together we will affect the future direction of the industry that has given us each so much. Join The National Estate Sales Association.

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Member Discounts:

In addition to the prestige and stature that comes with NESA membership you also will save money on goods and services from the following vendors.

Member Discounts

Code of Ethics

By agreeing to our code of ethics you send a clear signal to clients and consumers alike your commitment to uphold our industry’s best practices.

Code of Ethics

Full Membership

Membership in NESA allows you access to our member areas, forums, educational content, contracts and forms, member profile pages and NESA Logos.

Member Levels

Be a positive part of what is changing in the industry.

Over the last decade our industry has seen tremendous growth. That growth has come with challenges: an increase in the number of inexperienced companies; a rise in consumer expectations, and the hazards of legislation. To ensure your concerns have voice, Join the National Estate Sales Association.

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